plane [ playn ]

1 a : a surface of such nature that a straight line joining two of its points lies wholly in the surface

b : a flat or level surface

2 : a level of existence, consciousness, or development.

 (Merriam Webster)

Architecture by its nature deals with not only the physical aspects of our world but also the existential.  Built planes define the space around us adding shape and focus, depth and containment.  Existential planes allow our Hopes to be raised, our Visions to be realized and our Dreams to be grasped.

The firm was founded in 2002 with 5 basic tenets to guide our services and design:

-Search for Sincerity as our designs interact with the world around them.

-Follow the Visions of ourselves and more importantly that of our clients.

-Find Meaning in all we do, we say and we design.

-Feel Passion in our quests.

-Experience Compassion for those around us so we may leave behind a better place.

Since our founding, we have applied these tenets to Residential, Hospitality, Corporate, and Health Care projects

Russell E LaFrombois received his architectural education at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, graduating with his Masters of Architecture in 1985.  He is registered in the State of Wisconsin and has received his NCARB Certificate.